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"Defiance" soundtrack, a pleasant surprise

   have long been a favorite pastime listening for me, and as many of you probably know by now, Jerry Goldsmith will always remain the best modern composer in my mind.

  But there are other composers who regularly impress me and most recently I came across the score for , the latest movie starring Daniel Craig. This World War II action drama features an emotional score by , and it is a wonderful piece of inspiring music.
  Of course, any movie with a Jewish theme has to have a wailing violin, but unlike the score for 'Schindler's List' for example, this one is steeped not so much steeped in bleak melancholy but instead offers up a more energetic approach of hope; While it is sad at times, the overall feel of the score is not as desolate as one might expect, and makes for really great listening.
  The other thing that truly impressed me about this score is that it also stays away from musical stereotypes of the genre. Instead of featuring harsh marshes or the aforementioned wailing violin solos, overall the score has a much more epic feel and sometimes reminds me almost of the music for 'The Lord Of The Rings' - another one of my favorites. So, in a nutshell, this 'Defiance' soundtrack is something you may want to check out some time.

Those 2 Dracula scores by the way are both in my collection and they both are very different and chilling... each in their own right! Good call guys!

2/28/2009 5:04:24 PM

Other great JNH Scores
Newton Howard's Score for Peter Jackson's King Kong is one of my long standing favorites. As is Lady in the Water, I Am Legend and the newly discovered Defiance. I did not know of his nom until Oscar night. He is consistently being recognized by the academy. I loved his haunting score to The Sixth Sense as well.


2/28/2009 5:02:16 PM

Actually, there is a waltz in both films, I believe. I much prefer Williams' score to the 79 Frank Langella version, but Kilar's score has its merits. Also, I think it was John Badham who directed 79's Dracula. Its nice to know there are other people out there who appreciate film music as much as I do. I very much enjoy the music Williams wrote for the seduction sequence designed by Maurice Binder in the Badham version. The film itself seems to be rather under-rated in my opinion. I would like to see a really nice issuing of the film from Universal.

2/16/2009 4:15:56 PM

No, there is no Waltz on the disc, however I wonder if we're talking about the same score. I am referring to John William's 1979 score to John Boorman's "Dracula." Your comment suggests you might be referring to Woychiech Kilar's score to the Fracis Ford Coppola's 1992 "Dracula" - which includes the music from the scene of Mina and Vlad dancing.

Both seem to be out of print as I just found out, so I thought I'd point that out.

Also, one of my favorite recent scores was Javier Navarrete's music for "Pan's Labyrinth."

2/12/2009 12:39:29 PM

I love all of those. I actually enjoy the Batman Returns score more than the original. Williams' Dracula is a gem. I've searched very long for the soundtrack recording but it appears to be out of print. Does the soundtrack include that brilliant waltz that Mina and Dracula dance to?

2/11/2009 1:55:09 PM

One of my all-time favorite scores is Jerry Goldsmith's "The Omen" but also, I love Danny Elfman's "Batman Returns" and "Edward Scissorhands" scores as well as John Williams' score of "Dracula"... ah there's so many I could mention. :-)) My soundtrack collection is fairly extensive.

2/11/2009 11:16:09 AM

I agree...the music is beautiful. I am a longtime JNH fan and have enjoyed his music for years. Glad you enjoyed the album! Do you have any other favorites?

2/3/2009 3:00:05 PM

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