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Exciter re-issue arrives in stores

As an old Metal Head, I was very excited to hear that was reissuing Canadian rock band 's self-titled 1988 album on CD.

  While I was never a full-fledged fan of the band, I have seen live on countless occasions, opening for bands such as Manowar and Accept, and I always thought their mix of harmonies and speed metal was a good notch above the rest of the crowd, making speed metal actually accessible to fans with a more musical ear.
  This album marked the first album on which drummer did not carry the band's lead vocals, which I thought, had become on of the band's trademarks, and I remember hearing songs like 'Scream Bloody Murder' live and with Beehler belting out the vocals before the record was actually released.
  Here now we have Rob Malnati take over the vocals for the band and while he does a decent enough job, I think it does not compare too well to Beehler's powerful performances and comes across as a bit weak on the recording. Exciter has always been a live band, I suppose, more so than many other acts, and part of their success was the energy the band exuded during their concerts, especially bassist Allan James Johnson's stage presence.
  And yet, this is an album I have come to treasure because it brings back to life a part of the era I had almost forgotten, a time when concerts allowed you to discover talented new bands because promoters took a risk and mixed even unlikely acts together, making it possible for bands like Exciter to reach out to an audience they would never get to otherwise.
  If you want a taste of a classy speed metal act with very melodious hooks, give this album a try as it reappears in stores around the country right now for only $10.

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