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Merry Christmas!

  The year is almost at an end and slowly we are winding down things here for the Holidays. Of course, I would not want to miss the opportunity to wish all our readers a and a . It has been a fun year and we're all happy and proud how Blu-Ray has made great strides in both the adoption in the market place as well the title selection. Despite the naysayers and so-called analysts, it appears as it Blu-Ray is poised to mimic the success of DVD every step of the way and already more people own and watch Blu-Ray than anyone could have expected. For us that's a great Christmas present.
  After the holidays we will head out to once again, to visit the or CES as most call it. It will be interesting to see what new developments are in the pipeline to make watching movies even more fun than before.
  Anyway, time to cut the chatter and finish wrapping those last-minute Christmas presents.

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