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Monster Lab is cool!

  In recent months I found it a little tricky to find any really engaging . Too many games were rushed to market, others were off-the-mill branded games with famous characters but no depth while others were full of promise yet also full of bugs or simply became boring and tedious all too quickly.
  Along came a new game from Eidos that is not only cute fun, but should also cater to all those classic horror film buffs among our readers because of it's unmistakable charm, .

  As the title suggests, is a spiffy little game in which you can - complete with a Frankenstein-esque laboratory and assistant - and to obtain additional traits and parts, which will allow you to improve your creation or to create a completely new one from scratch. Sounds like fun? It sure is. With an E/10 rating this game is , who have a tendency to enjoy 'building' stuff over and over again like there's no tomorrow. But don't be fooled, this is not a kid's game per se and can be
  One of the best things about the game is also its pretty high production values. I've played it on the Wii and although this game was $10 cheaper than your average Wii-fare, this game looked and played better than most other titles I've seen in recent time. It is a game that has a .
  So, if you're still looking for a cool Christmas gift for someone with a knack for classic horror movies, could be your ticket, so check it out the next time you're in a computer store.

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