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Ray Van Horn Jr. prepares for Halloween

  Fun times in Tinseltown! Over the weekend our reviewer had the chance to in a horror movie called that was shot in his hometown in Maryland. Needless to say that the humans didn't stand a chance against the onslaught of flesheaters.
   'It was Zombies 20 Humans 0 until the gnats came out and tilted the odds in their favor…' Ray told us after the shoot.
  Of course it remains to be seen how much of the footage will make it into the final film once it is being edited, but we're hopeful, as Ray was prominently featured in the front lines of the massacre, muddy, cruddy, bloody and all torn-up.

Here's a look at him from the set in full make-up. Click on the image for a larger view!
  And just as I write this, Ray tells me that he just received another casting notice as yet another zombie in a different production that will be shooting this week. Maybe I should move to Maryland, too. Not a whole lot going on here in Southern California when it comes to movies.
  Yes, that, my friends, was a joke!

Ray (DVD Review writer and Lucky
Many thanks, Kris, looking forward to the final print since what I got to see in participation looks terrific.

Cary, keep your eyes posted. All sorts of things happening out this way.

9/27/2008 2:37:31 AM

Kris (Bane producer)
Ray was an awesome zombie that day, and while we're still in early post, I can confidently say that the entire world will soon tremble at the sight of his undead prowess. Thanks, Ray (and DVD Review)!

9/27/2008 2:25:57 AM

Cary Gordon
Damn, I live in Maryland and I never see any real opportunities for upwardly mobile Zombies!

9/19/2008 8:37:41 AM

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