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Toshiba's next attempt to foil Blu-Ray's success

may have lost the format war but the company still doesn't' let up with the bullshit. Rumors have spawned indicating that Toshiba is working on a that will make DVDs look like Blu-Ray. How's that for a good morning
Now, we all know by now that can look much better than played back through their standard definition output chain.Toshiba, in fact, was leading in the effort as the company's HD-DVD players did an amazing job upconverting DVDs to high definition.
However, let's not forget that upconversion is just that. Upconversion. images and there are even more inherent limitation in upconverting video streams. Not even the best super-processor in the world can suddenly put back into a picture. The source is limited to a poor 480p resolution and all it can do is make sure the scaled image looks as smooth as possible. By doing that it because the resulting image has virtually nothing in common any more with the original frame.
Claiming the resulting image rivals a Blu-Ray image is simply . It's like saying Picasso's blue phase was so striking because of its diversity in color. It is hogwash and just another attempt by the sore loser of the format war to create insecurity in the market.
Fortunately we won't see the super-DVD player until the end of the year and hopefully by then people will have learned to appreciate a real high definition image over the . Fake crab meat anyone?

Toshiba tech is called Super Upconversion, or "Real-time Super Resolution". What it does is it fuses 9 480p frames to recreate single 960p native output frame. The information missing from current frame are being pulled from front and back frames.

This is the same stuff that CIA, NASA, and US military have been doing on still-pics for decades. Toshiba's now doing this on DVD video.

Super Upconversion is no ordinary upconversion, it actually delivers on hype.

6/19/2008 9:29:21 AM

As someone who has done a great deal of work in Photoshop, I agree with the original posting. And this is a matter of fact, not opinion.

There is no way that you can take a low definition source graphic and magically insert high definition information. The additional inserted pixels will be the result of interpolation. That is, the upconverting process has to assume that the transitions between the original pixels are perfectly smooth and even. There is no other reasonable assumption that can be made about this missing information. Fine detail that was never there in the first place will not suddenly appear. Such fine detail can include skin texture, individual strands of hair, etc.

6/17/2008 2:49:27 PM

Should be interesting . . . but is the homepage of REALLY the place where we should be cussing in an opening opinion piece? Tell us how you REALLY feel! Classy . . . . . very classy.

6/16/2008 7:36:33 PM

I completely agree with you. And, I am not sure why my previous post showed up as "Colin".... hmmh... probably I was so in thought that I accidentally punched your name in. LOL

6/16/2008 2:54:07 PM

Hmm...My message got cut off...let me finish :)

The point is...on a well mastered DVD, the picture can be excellent...and more than enough for most people. And any technology that will give a better picture on these SD discs would be welcome. Lets be for most americans is tight, so I refuse to buy into the frenzy of rushing out and buying replacement DVDs. For those new titles that are released that would benefit from Blu ray...fine. But if for say $150 Toshiba can actually deliver more punch from peoples library of titles...more power to them.

6/16/2008 1:10:36 PM

Well...first off..I am hardly the militant :)

I actually have a blu ray (a gift from a happy client) so I know what it looks like on my 1080 plasma..And, thanks to a few copies in various formats, (I used Pirates of the Caribbean as my test)I can easily switch between a sd DVD...and upconverted SD on my OPPO player and the blu ray (ok...too much time on my hands..) Blu ray, not suprisingly, looks best...but the OPPO was rather close...with the SD not upconverted 3rd.but still nice No suprise on that. But the thing is...when I ran the films for an average type viewer (not myself..being around television all day producing commercials does NOT make for a casual viewer) most people were thrilled with the up converted (on a quality player) image, and were not impressed with the blu ray enough to say they had to have one. And these are people that do have HDTVs.

I think I helped sell a number of OPPO players this way...Honestly...they are pretty amazing and the upconversion on them is better tha

6/16/2008 12:21:33 PM

It seems you have read more into my comments than there actually is - a thing that I find often in militant "I'm not going to go high def because DVD is good enough for me" types.

Offering an improved DVD player is not a bad thing, of course, and I have never said anything down those lines. What I do take exception with however, is that Toshiba is positioning this thing to look as good as Blu-Ray. That is a very misleading statement and simply not true. Ludicrous, in fact.

I hope that clarifies my position a little more. In fact if Toshiba releases a high quality upconverting DVD player I might just buy one, especially if it uses noticeably less power than my HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player - both of which are serious power hogs. As for HD-DVd and Blu-Ray having been "pretty much identical" - of course they were. That's what I've been telling people all along. They WERE essentially the same thing, only on a different storage medium. Both formats had essentially the same capabilities and technical specs, so of

6/16/2008 10:08:26 AM

Let me see..Toshiba has the possibility of a DVD player that will give a much better picture on regular DVD's...better than the outstanding up-converting OPPO players...something that will make those DVDs already owned by people look great...saving them on replacing perhaps hundreds of movies in their collections...and saving lots and lots of money. And ending a wait for many titles that may not see a blu ray release for years.and perhaps allowing them to wait before shelling out $399 for a Blu Ray player.

And this is a BAD? thing?

Tell me...does SONY pay you for this rant...

By the way...I am a TV producer with over 20 years experience. So the last thing I am going to do is get suckered into the "i must replace my collection" mindset. Blu Ray is lovely to look was HD DVD...on tests they were pretty much identical in picture quality at 1080 p. The whole "us against them" that came up with the format wars was insane. So take your payoff from SONY...and lets wait and see what Toshiba has...if

6/14/2008 10:22:52 PM

I would be interested in seeing the source that indicates Toshiba's claim that their new format "rivals" Blu Ray.

6/13/2008 1:45:14 PM

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