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DVD Review now with 5-star rating

We made a few here at 'DVD Review' and a few more may follow in the weeks ahead. One of the ones that will stand out most to long-time readers is the to the reviews.
For the longest time we were reluctant to do so but I think the time has come to make this addition. In the info panel on the right hand side of our review you will now find a giving you an immediate idea about the quality of the release. This rating will represent the release as a whole, not just the quality of the movie itself. Read it as in 'Is it worth your time and money?'
I hope you will find this addition helpful as you go through our reviews and see if you would agree with them. Who knows? Maybe somewhere down the line we'll even include ratings from our readers, to complement our own. also, as we're always interested in hearing what people are looking for in a website such as ours.
Switching gears for a moment, I wanted to send out to us. I know they are not nearly as abundant on releases these days as they used to but I'm sure there are still plenty of discs out there with some great Easter Eggs on them. Please let us know when you find them because as you know, DVD Review is the longest-standing authority when it comes to DVD hidden features. Just send a quick email with info to this email and we'll check it out. I'm eager to hear about all those great hidden gems you will uncover!

Review ratings are good! It helps me get an immediate feel for the tenor of the review.

5/9/2008 10:29:55 AM

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