The Three Stooges: Stop! Look! and Laugh! is coming

After several successful Stooge releases, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is trying a new approach with the upcoming DVD The Three Stooges: Stop! Look! and Laugh!. Instead of complete shorts, the DVD will feature highlights from many of the Stooge’s adventures.

Selected scenes offered are excerpts from: “Start”,
“How High Is Up?”,
“Violent Is the Word for Curly”,
“Sock-A-Bye Baby”,
“Higher Than a Kite”,
“What’s the Matador?”,
“Calling All Curs”,
“Goofs and Saddles”,
“A Plumbing We Will Go”,
“Half-Wits Holiday”

The disc will also include the bonus short A Bird in the Head and introductions by Paul Winchell.

Available to own on February 18th, the knuckleheads will have a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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