U2: Elevation

U2: Elevation

Submitted by Firas Khatib and Nate Kinney

On the release of “U2: Elevation (Live From Boston)” there is an exciting hidden feature that fans don’t want to miss.

Watch the documentary that is on the DVD and at the end you will see a screen with the “Dreamchaser” logo. This screen also features a picture of Bono as The Fly. Highlight the head using the arrow keys on your remote control and then press “Enter.” This will take you to a screen with a number of flashing squares. Eventually they form the numbers “1”, “9”, “7” and “6.” Now, enter “1976” – incidentally the year in which the band was formed – using your remote control and you will get to experience the song “Elevation” through a color version of the Bonocam. You may have to enter the “Enter” key after each digit, depending on your player, so give it a try. You can also access this footage by directly accessing “Title 3” on the disc. Please refer to your player’s user manual to learn how to access Titles on a DVD, as every player is handling this differently.

On the second disc of the set, there’s another Bonocam hidden feature. Access Title 7 on this disc directly and you’ll be treated to a version of “Until the End of the World.”

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